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In both my coursework and professional work, I have reported on globally known social-political issues and Published Muslim Stereotypes article featured in The Learning Network section of The New York Times, Violence Against Women article for the Represent Magazine, Syrian Refugees article for the YCTeen Magazine among other topics where I got published in several different magazines, news outlets and newspapers.

September 12, 2023

May 15, 2023

March 7, 2023

The NYWICI Mentorship Program is coming back! In the latest NYWICI WomenHeard podcast episode, NYWICI president, Georgia Galanoudis, Co-Chair, Melissa Weisstuch, and Treasurer, Linda Descano, shared more details.

The Wall Street Journal ranked Baruch College as No. 6 “Best Colleges for Your Dream Career in Finance,” among public institutions nationwide.

CUNY announced that Blackboard, the online gradebook and learning platform, will no longer be available in the beginning of fall 2024. CUNY will switch to a platform called Brightspace.

​October 23, 2022

​DegreeWorks, CUNY’s degree audit and counseling tool, was updated by the IT department to create a mobile-friendly user experience, project status updates, drag-and-drop course management and ensure ease of access.

​May 6, 2022

CUNY, the largest US urban higher education system, celebrates its  175th anniversary on May 7.

​September 18, 2022

​Degree Choices published its annual list of the “Best Colleges in the US,” a new college ranking system that focuses on median economic output and opportunities of higher financial achievement.

​March 25, 2022

​New York City’s College Now Program offers high school students preliminary courses before joining college institutions. The program is an exciting tool to engage in high schools and should be extended as it offers important guidance to students.

​May 6, 2022

​In New York City, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority system is perceived as a fast, affordable and convenient transportation method used daily by millions. Yet, the Brooklyn subway shooting on April 12 raised considerable doubts about its safety.

​March 18, 2022

CUNY’s temporary mask mandate was lifted on March 7, about seven months after it was implemented. The policy change is in response to the removal of mask mandates in city and state schools and revised guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

​February 25, 2022

While almost 79,000 CUNY students are part-time and continue to face similar economic hardships as their full-time counterparts, they have little or no access to tuition or other financial assistance, according to recent findings by the Center for an Urban Future.

NYC 2016

I'm tired of the mixed messages girls get about sex.

​June 22, 2020

​Crime dropped in Camden, but there’s more to the story, say advocates and longtime residents.

DECEMBER 17, 2015

The New York City-based Youth Communication published short responses from four New York City Muslim teenagers about their experiences facing stereotypes.

​March 1, 2018

​Faculty and students in the Outdoor Adventure Leadership & Immersion Semester Program discuss the details of their major and how it prepares them for after graduation.

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